Posted on Oct 31, 2022

Discount Door Service

Garage door repair - A broken garage door might be dangerous. If your garage door is broken, get it fixed ASAP. When should you call a pro?

Garage door problems are common. Here are some frequent repair signs:

-Your garage door is stuck. This is the most evident garage door problem. It might be the springs, wires, rollers, or opener if your garage door won't open or close.

-Your garage door partially closes. If your garage door only closes partially, it's probably the sensors. These sensors stop the door from shutting if there's an obstruction.

-Grinding, metal-on-metal screetching, or other odd garage door noises indicate a track or roller issue.

If you see any of these problems, call a pro. Complex repairs are dangerous, so get a pro. Discount Door Service has over 20 years of experience fixing Tucson garage doors. Schedule a repair today.
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